Invoicing Renova or Renova Miljö

Make sure you invoice the right company. If you are uncertain which, contact the purchaser in the Renova Group.

Make sure you invoice the right company. If you are uncertain which, contact the purchaser in the Renova Group.

As of 1 April 2019, all purchases in the public sector have to be invoiced using e-invoices.

Renova AB and Renova Miljö AB use the PEPPOL network and Svefaktura for the receipt of electronic invoices. If you want to send us an electronic invoice but lack the system required, you can use the Pagero Web Portal, see below.

E-invoice via PEPPOL

We are connected to the PEPPOL network and our PEPPOL IDs are
Renova AB                                             0007:5561083337
Renova Miljö AB                                    0007:5569460321

E-invoices in the Svefaktura format via an invoice exchange

Our service provider is Pagero and we can receive invoices sent to our Global Location Numbers (GLN):
Renova AB                                             7365561083378
Renova Miljö AB                                    7365569460324

Bear in mind that if your invoicing is already routed to Renova AB or Renova Miljö AB, it needs to be rerouted to Pagero.

E-invoice by registering the invoice in the Pagero Web Portal

We offer all our suppliers free access to e-invoicing via the Pagero Web Portal. Fill in your company details. You can then register your invoices, which will go directly to Renova AB or Renova Miljö AB.

During a transitional period you will be able to send us invoices using the old formats, but we would ask you to complete the shift to e-invoicing by the end of 2022 at the latest. Please make note of our new invoicing addresses below.

PDF invoice via email

PDF invoices via email can be sent to either of the email addresses below.
Please note that the invoice as well as any annexes have to be in the same PDF file.
Renova AB 
Renova Miljö AB

  • The accepted file format is PDF.
  • The email message must not contain any images or files in other formats, either as attachments or included in the message.
  • Advertisements or other information may not be included with the invoices.

Paper invoice sent by post

Suppliers’ invoices on paper, and any annexes, may be posted to either of the addresses below.

Invoicing addresses:
Renova AB
PG 1728
737 84 Fagersta

Renova Miljö AB
PG 1729
737 84 Fagersta

Corporate identity number:
Renova AB: 556108-3337
Renova Miljö AB: 556946-0321

Invoicing terms and conditions

Renova AB and Renova Miljö AB apply a 30-day payment period from the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed.

Invoice reference requirement
Invoices sent to Renova AB and Renova Miljö AB must always include a reference – this is mandatory. The reference is a four-digit number, with no letters. If you don’t have this reference number, contact the purchaser to obtain it.

Because Renova AB and Renova Miljö AB process large numbers of supplier invoices, any invoices that do not contain the information specified below, or have been sent to the wrong address, will be returned to the sender. Any interest on arrears claims for invoices lacking the required information or sent to the wrong address will not be accepted.

Information on the invoice

The following information must always be included on the invoice and must also always be specified in the same place on the invoice:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • Supplier’s VAT registration number
  • Total VAT amount
  • Sum total
  • Currency
  • Supplier’s corporate identity number
  • Bank account number
  • OCR
  • Invoice type (debit/credit invoice)
  • Reference (Only a 4-digit number – contact the purchaser if this information was not included in the order)
  • Specification per line what the invoice is for
  • Any annexes
  • Purchase order number (if this was specified in the order)

We scan our invoices, so in order to avoid scanning difficulties we would appreciate if the text is clearly visible and the invoice form has a plain background without images or decorative graphics.


If you are a supplier and you have any questions regarding invoicing you are welcome to contact our Accounts Payable department on 031-61 80 00 or at