Submitting tenders

The Renova Group publishes notice of all current procurements in the Kommers system. You can also search for procurement notices using monitoring services available in the marketplace. This is how our tendering procedure works:

Contract specifications

Our purchasers work together with other employees to draw up contract specifications that are as detailed as possible and comply with fundamental EU principles for the procurement of goods and services.

Publication/tendering period

The Renova Group publishes notice of current procurements on

In order to have access to all the documents and to submit a tender you have to create an account in the system. This is free of charge. Confidentiality applies during the tendering period.

It is also possible to search for procurement notices using monitoring services available in the marketplace. Monitoring of our current procurements is at your own initiative.

When the tendering period has ended

Once the tendering period has ended, all tenders are opened and an evaluation process begins which takes a variable amount of time depending on the nature of the procurement. All submitted tenders are evaluated and compared with other tenders.

The Renova Group will then choose to enter into a contract with the tenderer who submitted the most economically advantageous tender. This may be the tender with the lowest price, or the tender that best fulfils Renova’s requirements even if it has a higher price.

The tender specification for each procurement describes how we will choose the supplier. Confidentiality applies during this period, which means that we are not allowed to speak about the contract with you as tenderer, or with anyone else. This includes not telling anyone how many tenders we received and from whom, or disclosing any information included in the other companies’ tenders.

Contract award decision

Once the evaluation has determined which tenderer to award the contract, we issue a contract award decision. This decision is communicated to all tenderers, and not just to the company awarded the contract.

The issuing of a contract award decision means that confidentiality ceases and all the information becomes public. A company can appeal the decision if it is not satisfied with the tender specifications, the contract award decision or the procurement decision.


The next step is to enter into a contract. The Renova Group has many different contracts for the goods and services we purchase. Sometimes a contract can apply only for a specific good or service, and sometimes it can apply for several goods or services that we need over a period of several years.

The contract regulates which products and services you as supplier have to be able to provide. It also specifies the prices, terms and conditions that will apply, e.g. regarding warranty periods and whether delivery fees may be charged. We monitor the fulfilment of requirements and of contract terms and conditions throughout the contract period.

Renova’s general purchasing terms and conditions for services
Renova’s general purchasing terms and conditions for goods


We ensure that we receive the goods and services procured and that everything has gone according to plan.